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A great escape from the high life of the elite city to the depths of the slum - back to your people.

Isla is a platformer game with mixed 2D and 3D elements, where you take on the role of a spy who escapes through a city on a floating island. Be fast as the time is running and avoid the traps and evil robots who are sent after her by the high class of the elite.

The game features:

  • Mixing 2D characters into a 3D environment
  • 5 different levels with platforms and obstacles

Isla was created as a four-month student project for Games Academy in Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Ilmari Huhtanen
Joni Nevala

Janina Korpela
Mona Westman
Niina Lahti
Nina Lahti
Aris Helin

Sound & music
Deniz Kirci
Akseli Koskinen

Voice acting
Ioana Vasilache

Audio technician
Lukas Ekberg


IslaTheGame.zip 317 MB

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